4 Ways Your Restaurant Service Can Benefit from Great Dishwasher

Every restaurant needs a dishwasher. Everything depends on them. As dishwasher enthusiasts, we would like to present to you 4 ways a great dishwasher can help your restaurant:

1. Organize Your Kitchen

Dishwashers are the heart of the kitchen.  They make sure the food can take the stage on a shiny plate accompanied by silver utensils. Other than washing dishes dishwashers are also the pulse of the restaurant. They also send service to a screeching halt if they abandon their post. With cooks chopping vegetables and wrangling hot pots and pans, the dishwasher supplies a steady flow of plates, cookware, and utensils.

2. Maintaining Cleanliness

Cleanliness is of the highest priority in the restaurant industry. A clean restaurant will distinguish your business from others and provide unmatched trust in your service. Other than dishwashing, dishwashers must also mop the floor in the restaurant, take out trash, and maintain a clean environment for the kitchen staff. The better the cleaning service of your dishwasher is the better your reputation.

3. Improve Service

“You can’t have a successful service in a restaurant without a great dishwasher,” says Emeril Lagasse, the New Orleans-based chef and cookbook author with 14 restaurants across the country. “Bad ones will bring the ship down.” We totally agree!

When a kitchen is missing their dishwasher, oftentimes cooks have to stop cooking and wash dishes. By determining the flow of the kitchen, dishwashers are able to decrease wait times for patrons by simply allowing everyone to be able to do their task. The kitchen is almost like an assembly line, and when you miss a dishwasher your machine is broken.

4. Your Future Cook

Many chefs say, “If you want to be a chef, start as a dishwasher.” Strong dishwashers become strong chefs. Once your dishwasher understands the hard work that comes along with the holding the kitchen together, they may then decide to work with you as a formidable cook. Dishwashers are the most crucial players in the restaurant industry, and they have a grounded understanding of what is needed to run a kitchen.

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