Are you under estimating the needs of your restaurant?

Owning and running a restaurant takes a lot of help from so many people. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a small army to run a restaurant.  Restaurant owners must look at the needs of their establishment in order to be successful.

Here are a few things to examine as a restaurant owner to determine if you are underestimating the needs of your restaurant.



Turnover rate

Jobs in the food service industry have a notoriously high turnover rate. When a restaurant is totally incapable of keeping their workers that may be a sign of mismanagement, fatigue, or a toxic work environment. Your solution may be a simple as a firing of the General Manager or supervising the kitchen service. Boots on the floor and all hands on deck for recruitment is necessary for high turnover.

Volume of customers & Volume of staff 

The restaurant is packed. Orders are rolling in. The dish pit is moving almost fast enough to keep up with the orders. Cooks are waiting for dishes to be cleaned fast enough, but there are only two people at the dish pit.


Hire staff to accommodate the demands of your establishment

Know your restaurant. Take the time to hire qualified staff to accommodate the demands of your customers. Under staffing your establishment can lead to employee burn out, increased risk of injuries in the kitchen, and less than stellar service.

Planning & Scheduling

Although most restaurant owners are not skilled in the art of fortune-telling, owners do have the ability to keep abreast of local activities or sporting events to accurately prepare for the rush. Know what is happening in your area. Is there a parade scheduled at the end of the month? Is a concert venue drawing a huge crowd two blocks away from your establishment? Prepare your service by “staying in the know.”


At DishwasherHero we always recommend having a dishwasher on standby that can work at a moment’s notice during busy seasons. We even offer standby dishwashers who can work at a moment’s notice. It takes a bit of work to find qualified dishwashers, but the effort to find extra workers is worth it.


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