Common Dishwasher Injuries for Every Restaurant Dishwasher

Working at a dishpit can be back breaking work. Repeating the same motions throughout your days can lead to a variety of injuries. Within a day as a dishwasher you will have to lift, push heavy objects, and carry objects creating strain on your back or wrists.

Pay attention to your movements throughout the day. Take special notice of how you stand, life, and use your back to reduce physical injury.

Dr. Marialice Kern, an associate professor of Kinesiology at San Francisco State University and an expert in exercise physiology has a few tips below for workers.



—  Place one foot on an elevated surface, such as a step


—  Slightly bend the other knee

—  Keep wrists flat and straight

— Bend at hips


—  Keep knees locked (back problems)

—  Bend at the waist (back problems)

—  Bend your wrist upward (carpal tunnel or tendonitis



Loading and unloading the washing machine


—  Place basket at the same level of the machine

—  When unloading, lift opposite leg (e.g. left leg) as

the arm that’s reaching into the machine (e.g. right


—  Use the other hand for support


—  Bend at waist and lift wet objects out by

straightening your back (back problems)

—  Have basket on the floor and bend or twist at the

waist to pick up each item (carpal tunnel or



Mopping and Vacuuming


—  Keep head up

—  Keep wrists flat and straight by placing your palm

along the side of the mop or vacuum handle


—  Thrust your arm out and bend backwards (which can put

your back at risk)

—  Twist at the waist (back problems)

—  Bend wrist up while holding the mop handle (carpal

tunnel or tendonitis problems)



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