Book Your On-Call Dishwashers in Montreal This Summer

The restaurant industry is changing. However, the needs of the industry remain unchanged. DishwasherHero has remained a friend to the restaurant industry for years. Indeed our recruitment efforts in Montreal and our ability to supply kitchens with the best talent is our top priority. Restaurant owners have taken many hits to the industry. Rising labor costs, online order platforms, and staffing shortages create new challenges to the industry.

If margins are slim, DishwasherHero is willing to negotiate a service contract with restaurants. A contract from DishwasherHero can allow restaurants to have the back of the house support they need at a reasonable cost.

In May, Montreal restaurants begin searching for reliable dishwashers with experience for the summer rush. Some of our clients with larger restaurants are in constant need of dishwashers, so we provide them with a daily supply of dishwashers. We even provide dishwashers for caterers for special events.

DishwasherHero Service Flexibility

The flexibility of our services makes DishwasherHero the best choice for dishwashers and restaurants. Restaurants can book our services based on their need and preference. Our services are available through online booking. We often say in the industry that the hardest day at a restaurant is a day without a dishwasher.

The Benefits of DishwasherHero

Ensuring that your dishwasher is there is also a guarantee that all your other staff will be able to do their job. Moreover dishwashers are the heart of the kitchen.  The dishwasher supplies a steady flow of plates, cookware, pots, and utensils for cooking and serving food.


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Last Minute, Same Day, Emergency, or Sick-Fills

Restaurants can book orders for the same day. Booking managers find dishwashers to fill the shift. After, we send clients the details of the booking. DishwasherHero bills the customer once the hours are verified.

DishwasherHero Pricing

Pricing for DishwasherHero services are unique to each client. Furthermore, many factors control pricing including but not limited to the city, your specific needs, and the service volume.

Presently online bookings are the preferred booking method and are free for clients. All bookings are a minimum of 4 hours.

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DishwasherHero is the top destination for finding emergency dishwashers for restaurantsBook your dishwasher today. We also love blogging about dishwashing and providing dishwashers with employment opportunities!