Dishwashing Equipment for Your Restaurant

Dishwashing Equipment for Your Restaurant

A dirty dish is one of the smallest things that can ruin the reputation of a restaurant. The strength of the dishwasher is also the strength of the restaurant. Neglecting your dish pit can result in a poor restaurant experience for your customers. That’s why a good dishwasher coupled with a quality dishwasher equipment can often make your kitchen service a breeze.

When looking for a commercial dishwasher for your restaurant be sure that it is:

  1. User friendly and does not require extensive training to figure it out.
  2. Cleans dishes quickly. Your cooks should not have to wait for the dishwasher to clean their cooking supplies or plates to send to patrons.
  3. Meets sanitation and health codes.


Types of Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial dishwasher equipment falls into four distinct categories. There are undercounter dishwashers, glassware, door type model, and conveyor. Let’s take a closer look at each type.

Undercounter commercial dishwashers are the best option for smaller volume eating establishments. Coffee shops, bars, and small restaurants are the perfect fit for the undercounter dishwasher. What the undercounter dishwashers lack in power they make up for in space. Undercounter models wash a few dishes at a time as compared to the larger dishwashers. They are still the ideal choice for kitchen equipment.

Glasswashers combine the abilities of a commercial dishwasher with the added precision to keep the most fragile types of glasses from shattering. Most glasshwashers use an undercounter style. They are useful in bars that clean a high volume of glasses.

Door type commercial dishwashers are one of the most ideal for busy kitchens. Door type dishwashers have a large door on their front where you can fill a rack, insert it in the machine, and close the door. They use more water and energy than other types of dishwashers and have a higher capacity than undercounter models.

Door types are one of the best commercial dishwashers for kitchens and the most popular choice for commercial kitchen equipment.


Conveyor type dishwashers take up the most space, but offer the highest capacity of power. Conveyor dishwashers are used in high volume eateries such as hospital, university, and school cafeterias.

These dishwashers are the most expensive ranging starting at $10,000 and capping around $50,000. If you have a high-demand for dishes, this type of dishwasher is well worth the higher cost.


Restaurants have a great deal to consider before investing in commercial dishwashing equipment. The right machine can improve your kitchen service, and the wrong one can create havoc and impede efficiency.

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