Dishwashing Methods—Tips for Restaurant Dishwashers

Dishwashing Tips

Dishwashing methods for restaurants vary, but the industry standards of safety and cleanliness must be maintained. The tips illustrated below are the three compartment sink, the two compartment sink, and the mechanical dishwasher.

two compartment sink tips

Mechanical dishwasher tips

After Washing

When all dishes are clean they should be stored on cleaned and sanitized surfaces—away from dust, garbage, or splashes and at least 15 cm/6 inches from the floor. Don’t put dishes away until they are cool and dry. Be sure to wash your hands when handling clean dishes.

Do not towel dry dishes in order to prevent contamination from the towel. Cracked, chipped, or warped dishes can’t be used. They must be thrown away.


Big thanks to the Food Safety Guide: A Guide for Ontario’s Foodhandlers for the wonderful illustrations and source information.


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