Caterers, Don’t Forget About Your Dishwasher

With the focus on cooks, caterers often forget about their dishwashers.

Every caterer hosting weddings, galas, or corporate events will tell you food is everything. But the dishes are just as important as the food.

Caterers are known in the industry for serving large quantities of food, but hiring a small of team dishwasher. This usually leaves dishwashers with the task of having load of dishes to wash—especially for dishwashers used to restaurant service. In some cases there are loads of dishes to wash with very little support.

Dishwasher cleaning a pot

Dishwashers are able to do their job effectively with the right support. Sometimes a large volume of dishes is best handled with a 5 person staff rather than a 3 people. More support creates better efficiency and less fatigue for your dishwasher. Proper support also creates a safer work environment for staff and increased loyalty.

We hear feedback from dishwashers all the time about the need for proper support. When dishwashers are supported by caterers, they are more likely to continue to remain loyal, however; if the dishwasher is not assisted, appreciated, or respected for their work they are exponential more likely to leave.

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