Restaurant Dishwasher Jobs in Vancouver: A Profile of the Landscape

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City Profile of Vancouver

Population: 647,540
Language: English

Key Advantages

  • Five public universities in the Greater Vancouver area
  • The Port Metro Vancouver does more than C$172 billion in trade with over 160 different trading economies annually. Port activities generate $9.7 billion in gross domestic product and $20.3 billion in economic output.

High Season

March to May and from September to November

Popular Events

Chinese New Year Parade
Eastside Cultural Crawl
Celebration of Lights

Restaurant jobs in Vancouver are prominent in the downtown area. Restaurants are currently struggling to find workers. Moreover, the high cost of living in downtown makes recruiting staff harder. Workers mostly live in the suburbs of Surrey, Richmond, and Coquitlam.

DishwasherHero is the best option for dishwashers seeking employment. Dishwashers can also find work through Indeed, Craigslist, and Facebook Job Boards.  The Skytrain and the bus system connects workers who live in the suburbs to most restaurants in Downtown Vancouver.

DishwasherHero works with clients in Downtown Vancouver, Victoria, and even Horseshoe Bay to connect reliable workers to restaurants. Workers can pick up shifts on call, work in different restaurants, or simply work on occasion to earn extra money. Dishwashers can apply to work via our website. The high season for dishwashers is from January to May.

Additionally, dishwashers can expect steady work from large restaurants. They may also receive training in food prep and cooking due to the current shortage of cooks. Victoria is facing record shortages in their kitchen staff despite having the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada.

Lastly, dishwashers can expect at least 13 dollars per hour. The BC government has announced a series of wage increases for the future.


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