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DishwasherHero understands that the restaurant industry is built on the foundation of dishwashers, chefs, cooks, and front of the house managers to provide excellent service to diners every day. A restaurant should never suspend service because of their dishwashers, and hard working dishwashers should never struggle finding work. We aim to connect hard working, reliable dishwashers to restaurants in order to stabilize the difficult terrain of the restaurant industry through DishwasherHero. In addition, we rely on restaurants to explain their needs for staffing, and we also depend on dishwashers to communicate their availability, work-ethic, and motivation. In this blogpost we will explore how our DishwasherHero service works for our clients.

How DishwasherHero works for Restaurants

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Restaurant owners often times have the difficulty of managing their day to day operations while managing recruitment and hiring. DishwasherHero provides on-call dishwashers to restaurants by connecting dishwashing talent in your area with a platform of open shifts. Dishwashers pick up shifts and notifications are sent if the shift is filled, still open, or as the shift nears whether it can be filled.

DishwasherHero FAQs from Restaurants

How does my restaurant pay DishwasherHero?

DishwasherHero requests all payment from clients with Visa, Mastercard, or any credit card.

Are your dishwashers experienced?

Yes, dishwashers are vetted and required to have a minimum of 1 year of experience. You can make a special request for dishwashers with more experiences–depending on the availability in your area.

How many hours can dishwashers work?

On-call DishwasherHero talent must work for a minimum of 4 hours. The most popular shifts that are requested are night shifts at 5pm-close.


DishwasherHero Pricing

The majority of DishwasherHero clients fall into the categories below. Prices will vary for each client, country, and region. These are our most popular clients requests from restaurants, caterers, and events.

An image of chefs and cooks in a kitchen with a calendar.

Daily Benefit- All dishwashing shifts are outsourced to DishwasherHero. We handle the recruitment and search for dishwashing talent, and coordinate all open availabilities. 25% of DishwasherHero clients have used the Daily Benefit (typically used by our highest volume clients).

Chefs cooking in a kitchen with a calendar with starred weekend dates.
Weekend Benefit- We handle dishwashing shifts during weekends or high volume days. We schedule your weekend shifts to handle extra demands. 90% of DishwasherHero clients use the weekend benefit.

Chefs cooking in a kitchen with a large stopwatch.

Emergency Benefit- For last minute shifts (requests made on the same day), DishwasherHero sends a dishwasher to your kitchen to pick up a shift. 75% of DishwasherHero clients have used the Emergency Benefit.


DishwasherHero connects on-call dishwashers with restaurant through our platform. Dishwashers can pick up shifts using our platform to connect with restaurants, kitchens, events, etc. Dishwashing talent must notify staff if they are unable to arrive for shift, any delays, or any other scenarios that will prevent the dishwasher from arriving on time.  Unprofessional behavior can result in de-activating user’s account.



DishwasherHero FAQs from Dishwashers/Kitchen Porters

Do you pay cash?

No, DishwasherHero pays dishwashing talent by check or e-transfer after receiving an invoice for service.

What do I wear to work?

All dishwashers must wear blank pants and black shirt with closed toe shoes. Additionally, you can also make the most of your job by using these tips for enhanced performance and results.

How long do I have to work?

Every shift is a minimum of four hours. That’s why we call our talent ”Heros.”

How do I make an invoice?

Please contact the DishwasherHero office at 1-866-601-1615.