Why Dishwashing Is A Great Summer Job for High School Students

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During the summer months high school students are constantly looking for work. We recommend high school students to look for work as a dishwasher. Dishwashers are the cornerstone of every restaurant. There are also tons of openings for dishwashers. There are many different places that hire dishwashers, and we would like to give you a few reasons why dish washing is a great summer job.

Work ethic

Dishwashing is one of the hardest jobs at a restaurant, and it is also one of the most valued roles. Young workers can benefit from the balance of hard work and high value and feel proud of their an honest day of work. Dishwashing is a skill that is in demand at every restaurant. Restaurants are unable to function without the assistance of a reliable dishwasher.

Dishwashing is a skill that restaurants count on everyday to run their business. Dishwashers can work full time or part-time to earn extra money.


A high school student carrying the weight of the kitchen at the dish pit is a role that requires not only maturity, but responsibility. Dishwashers must maintain the high standards of the restaurant in cleanliness. The strict environment of the kitchen is an environment ripe with opportunities to learn responsibility and feel the pressure.

Introduces Youth To Work and the Culinary Arts 

The closest some high school students get to a restaurant kitchen may be through the internet or television shows. Direct experience working in a restaurant offers a great opportunity for young workers to learn, make connections with experts, and even gain practical work experience. Dishwashers are sometimes allowed to assist cooks with some prep work. An authentic experience in the kitchen is all some students need to know that they want a future in culinary arts.

A View Of Work Without The Hype

Work can oftentimes be glamorized to students. Dishwashing is a hard job that show how back breaking some jobs can be for workers. Young workers benefit from knowing the truth about the range of jobs available to make better decisions later in life. All jobs are rewarding, but the most important experiences are the jobs that teach.

On our blog we have a guide for getting work as a dishwasher along with articles explaining cleanliness, professionalism, and more under the tag “Advice for Dishwashers.”


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