Why Your Restaurant Dishwasher Refuses to Commit

Dishwasher jobs are notorious for having a high turnover rate within the food industry. It can be very hard for restaurant owners to find dishwashers. The staff at DishwasherHero would like to provide three reasons why your restaurant may not be able to find a quality dishwasher to commit.

 1. Your staff is disrespectful

Nothing makes a job harder than being disrespected. Dishwashers already have a difficult time washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, mopping, taking out the trash, and maintaining a clean kitchen. Chefs, cooks, and other staff berating the dishwasher, who is perpetually drenched and smelly, can be the ultimate deal breaker for most dishwashers and an easy reason to leave.

2. Your restaurant is chaotic. 

Know your restaurant well enough to know the requirements for operations. When the volume of work is unbearable for your dishwasher, they burn out quickly. Dishwashers who work tired are also more prone to injury. When dishwashers see more work than they or the team can manage, they will not commit!

3. Your kitchen is a death trap.

Your kitchen is not only a stage for culinary alchemy, but it is also a work station with danger at every turn. Having common sense practices such as a setting up a Wet Floor Sign after mopping or having a First Aid kit creates trust and confidence in your kitchen. Improper cleaning practices and lack of safety measures are two legitimate reasons for dishwashers to stray; therefore, it is imperative for kitchens to operate within best practices to keep your dishwashers and your entire staff safe.

4. Another restaurant is better suited for them.

Dishwashers are known for picking up shifts at other restaurants, and they are not impervious to the lure of greener pastures. Take care of your staff and show them that you appreciate their hard work with a simple thank you. At DishwasherHero we always encourage restaurants and caterers to show love and appreciation to your dishwashers.

5. Your dishwasher is lazy and doesn’t want to work.

Although we love dishwashers, we are also aware that not every dishwasher is a DishwasherHero. It is very hard to convince someone to show up to work when they hate working. This is a situation when you have to understand it isn’t you it’s them, and it’s time to move on.


Ultimately, turnover rates are affected by many factors. Rising costs of rent can affect the turnover rates for workers. By creating the best working environment restaurants can help alleviate any staffing issues.


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