Merry Christmas! Gifts For Your Dishwasher Friend for the Holidays

The best dishwashers have the best tools at their disposal. Bring a smile to the dishwasher in your life with the best gifts for their hard work. These gifts are sure to make the shift easier, more comfortable, and more productive.

Skin Care

  • Bag Balm/Aquafor/Vaseline
    Restoring cracked, dried skin from hours of dishwashing is essential for dishwashers. According to reddit these lotions work wonders on dishwashers with one commenter suggesting, “When you go in [for your shift], wash your hands, drench them, and then cover them in a generous coat of Vaseline or Aquaphor. Bring the Vas/Aqua all the way up to your elbows.”The coating of Vaseline/Aquaphor will provide a nice coating for your hands during your shift.
  • Coconut or jojoba oil
    A great suggestion among dishwashers is to lather your skin in coconut or jojoba oil. These oils seal in moisture and prevent tight, cracked skin. The lightness of these two oils followed by a thicker cream like Vaseline or Shea Butter really helps.
  • Grab some clean socks
    Don’t use these socks for your feet! Use them for your hands. After deeply moisturizing your hands with oil, grab some clean socks and sleep with the socks on your hands. This is a simple moisturizing hack that works wonders for your hands. Hot water can be brutal on hands.  A good moisturizing treatment works to reverse the damage your skin endures on during a shift.

Work Equipment

  • Arm Length Dishwashing Gloves Rubber Cleaning Gloves
    The nice, thick kind with a flared cuff lets much less water in.
  • Scholl’s Insoles for Work
    Working long shifts require support. Insoles help add an extra layer of cushioning to absorb shock on hard surfaces. They also help reduce muscle fatigue. This helps you feel more energized throughout the day.
  • Bandana
    The perfect accessory for the dishwasher is the tried and true bandana. Bandanas are a way to keep hair pulled away from your face. They also absorb sweat, protect your hair from a sudden splash of water, and minimize hair shedding.

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