Restaurant Dishwashers: Negotiate the Wage You Deserve

You have spent a large amount of time toiling at the dishpit, and you would like to have a raise. We would like to share with you highly effective tips to receiving the wage you desire.

  1. Have a number in mind.

    You might get a strange look from the hiring manager if you ask for a salary of $69,865, but don’t let that stop you from getting what you want. Research shows that providing an exact number signals to employers that you have done your research.  

  2. Don’t go face to face until you have to.

    Generally, if you’re asking for a higher wage, you are not in the position of power. The person who is hiring you or determining your raise is in control. They have to agree to the number in the end, and they usually have more power over your career and work environment at the organization.In face-to-face negotiations, research finds that the more powerful person will usually win out. If you’re negotiating with your boss, you have a better chance when negotiations are conducted over the phone or via email. 

  3. Schmooze or lose

    If you are emailing your employer, share something personal first. We recommend complimenting your employer, like “I had a wonderful year working in the kitchen. It has been great seeing the success of the restaurant continue. Every day I leave work feeling accomplished at your restaurant.”


  1. If you are meeting in person, make steady eye contact.

    Not every employer lies, but there may be a tendency to hide interest in order to have the upper hand on a candidate. One of the most effective ways to invite honesty is to maintain steady eye contact. 

  1. Get your employer to talk about themselves.

    Although you are interested in making a case for your position, there is a strategic advantage of getting your employer to talk about themselves. Talking about oneself releases feel good chemicals in the brain—making negotiating your wage a more pleasure, and enjoyable experience.


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