Reducing Labor Costs for Restaurants with on call Dishwashers

It is no secret to anyone in the restaurant industry that there is a labor crisis.  Finding back of the house staffing is hard all over North America. In Canada, some cities are having an even harder time. Toronto’s recent jump in minimum wage has caused a hit for restaurants. Many restaurants in Vancouver are in high rent areas, and unfortunately workers are not able to work nearby. High rents coupled with low wages result in fewer reliable workers. And according to Cook Labour Market Analysis, 73 per cent of employers with a vacant kitchen staff position were facing a labor shortage.



One of the solutions restaurant owners can take advantage of is DishwasherHero. Subcontracting the dish pit can save time and energy finding a last minute replacement for a shift. Restaurants can negotiate contracts with DishwasherHero to take over their dishwasher position for a standard rate.

 Other Solutions

Other restauranteurs cross train their staff. Many cooks and managers may have
to step in to wash dishes or prep food. Restaurants are also looking into other solutions including vacations, sick leave, and flexible hours. Some restaurants have even gone to the brink and cut hours or close their doors to save money.


Now more than ever the restaurant industry is in need of friends to help with the labor crisis. DishwasherHero understands the rising costs, the shrinking labour pool, and the tight margins. Some of our best dishwashers are also able to assist cooks and chefs with food prep. Cross training can be pushed to the brink as the labor pool continues to shrink. Ensuring that your dishwasher is there is also a guarantee that all your other staff will be able to do their job. Our service is available in Boston, Manhattan, Chicago, Washington D.C., Texas, San Francisco, California, Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal and Quebec City.


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