Staffing Dishwashers, Last Minute or Emergency in New-York City

DishwasherHero provides kitchens with temporary on-demand dishwasher staffing. Consequently dishwashers are available for last-minute emergency, staff augmentation, or sick-fills. We recruit skilled back-of-house dishwashers.

Restaurants recruiting should look no further than DishwasherHero. DishwasherHero offers competitive pricing for staffing your kitchen with trained dishwasher. We offer restaurants convenience, reliability, and excellence.


Booking Options

Restaurants can choose to contract their dishwasher shifts to DishwasherHero. In fact this option relieves them of posting ads, training, and searching for experienced dishwashers. DishwasherHero assumes full responsibility of every shift.

Other restaurants can book dishwashers for weekends or high volume periods. We also have clients that book once a week. Our services options are flexible for clients even for last minute or same day services.

Caterers and event managers can also book our services. We recruit talent to ensure that we can supply all bookings. Our catering partners trust the service of DishwasherHero.



One of the best ways to make the most of your booking is to book the right quantity of dishwashers for the job. For our high volume clients, we recommend staffing 2-4 dishwashers at the dish pit. More dishwashers ensure better service. Additionally paired bookings also prevent slow service, burn out, and injury.


Why Dishwasher Staffing?

Dishwashers are the most indispensible members of your kitchen staff. Everything relies on the dishwasher.

DishwasherHero ensures through constant recruitment that a trained dishwasher is always available on-time. In effect DishwasherHero focuses on dishwashers so restaurants can be their best.


Last Minute, Same Day, Emergency, or Sick-Fills

Restaurants can book orders for the same day. Booking managers find dishwashers to fill the shift. After, we send clients the details of the booking. DishwasherHero bills the customer once the hours are verified.

DishwasherHero Pricing

Pricing for DishwasherHero services are unique to each client. Many factors control pricing including but not limited to the city, your specific needs, and the service volume.

Presently online bookings are the preferred booking method and are free for clients. All bookings are a minimum of 4 hours.


DishwasherHero pledges to provide restaurants with dishwashers. Whenever a client books a dishwasher, we often times have to cancel other bookings with that dishwasher. We implement our cancellation policy to honour all bookings for clients, dishwashers, and booking managers.Our service is available in many states and cities such as New York City, downtown Manhattan, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten island, Texas, San Francisco, Los Angeles – New York, Illinois and California



DishwasherHero is the top destination for finding emergency dishwashers for restaurantsBook your dishwasher today. We also love blogging about dishwashing and providing dishwashers with employment opportunities!