Dishwashers are the heart of the service industry. The team at DishwasherHero wants you to know how you can show love to your local dishwasher.

We recommend tipping! Tipping your dishwasher is a direct way of saying thank you, and shining a light on an otherwise wet, damp, and soapy day.

Years ago Gene Buck an ex-dishwasher turned publicist created The Brotherhood for the Respect, Elevation, and Advancement of Dishwashers (BREAD). BREAD was one of the first groups to advocate a special tip for the dishwasher. Tips can be left with the restaurant manager along with instructions to split it between the waiter and dishwasher. Famous chef Anthony Bourdain has even suggested to sending $20 bill back to the dishwasher.

BREAD aimed to finally bring improved social and economic status to the people Buck says are a crucial component of the nation’s restaurant industry and the health and happiness of the millions people a day it serves.

As a fellow advocate of dishwashers everywhere DishwasherHero encourages more people to start thinking about your dishwasher and to tip them for the hardwork they do.


Dishwashers working in a kitchen. Banner says we pledge to improve your kitchen.


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