Unexpected Places that Hire Dishwashers

Dishwashers can work in more places than just your average restaurant. Check out this list of uncommon places that hire dishwashers to search for your next dishwasher job.


Mall dishwashers are typically known to work for franchise restaurants—popular chains.


Hospital dishwashers work in the cafeteria of the hospital and must to adhere to hospital sanitation and safety standards.


Dishwashers who work at museums typically serve a smaller clientele than restaurants, and they also have less hours. Most of the time museum dishwashers work at small cafes.

Nursing Homes

Nursing home dishwashers service the residents of the nursing home with set hours generally ranging from 7 am- 8 pm. These kitchens are also subject to higher sanitation standards and are yearly inspections. The pay is also tends to be higher.


Zoo dishwashers are scheduled during regular hours of operation. They may also work for special events and catering including birthdays and weddings.

Bowling Alleys

Dishwashers who work for bowling alleys tend to more work on weekends than during the week. Work tends to be in extremes from really slow to jam packed.

House of Commons

Yes, dishwashers are needed to service our representatives and government staff. You must have clearance for this job and a clean record. So stay away bad boys!


Like mall dishwashers, airport dishwashers also work for popular restaurant chains with the added bonus of watching planes take off on your break.

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