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City Profile of Boston

Population: 685,094

Language: 66.6% English, 33.4% another language including: Spanish, Haitian Creole, Chinese, Vietnamese, and French


Key Advantages

  • Boston is the capital and most populous municipality of Massachusetts
  • International center of higher education
  • Diverse, multicultural talent pool, with over 30% of the population foreign-born
  • Third-most densely populated city in U.S
  • Greater Boston metropolitan area has the sixth-largest economy in the country.


High Season

In Boston, Late spring (May-October)


Popular Events

boston marathon


St Patrick’s Day

Gay Pride

Boston marathon

Boston Harborfest


Growing Demand

Dishwasher jobs are available throughout the Boston. According to Open Table there are almost 11,227 restaurants/caterers/food establishments in Boston. The majority of restaurant positions are in Downtown. Opportunities are also available in most of the regions of Boston because of being high populated.


Jobs Available In Boston

DishwasherHero is a viable option for skilled dishwashers looking for a job.  DishwasherHero allows dishwashers to work flexible hours at different locations. Other places to find jobs for dishwashers are websites like IndeedFacebook,Jobgroups,Craigslist,or Twitter. Additionally, restaurants are looking for experienced dishwashers with 1-2 years of experience. Our company DishwasherHero is also constantly recruiting dishwashers in Boston.


dishwasher in a restaurant washing a tray and wearing uniform




The high season for dishwashers in Boston is May-October and due to  special events like St Patrick’s Day(march),marathon(april), Gay pride. Dishwashers are able to get around the major parts of the city through T(subway) or bus without difficulty. The MBTA will connect workers to most restaurants.

All of above, dishwashers can also expect training in food prep due to the shortage of cooks. Dishwashers in Boston will earn 15$ minimum wage by recent legislation after its decision.


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