Workplace Happiness for Restaurant Workers

The harmony of your workplace is important to your restaurant’s success. Angry, disgruntled workers can hurt your profit margins. On the other hand happy workers can boost your margins. Don’t believe us? Satisfied workers are three times more creative than unhappy workers. This means that they are more willing to help solve problems. Happy workers work harder and are more likely to remain loyal and not leave. Angry workers will only work temporarily. 

Here are a few tips to create a pleasant work environment for your restaurant dishwasher:

Be Nice.

Positivity and negativity are infectious and can spread easily. As a restaurant owner and manager, your aim must be to pump up your staff. If there is a time for criticism, be sure to mention it politely. Berating your dishwasher in front of other workers may create a hostility and tension.

Reward and Praise team members.

On top of creating a pleasant work environment, we encourage you to praise your dishwasher on a regular basis. It is important for employees to feel recognized for their hard work. You can praise workers with a handwritten note stuck in their paycheck envelope.

You can also recognize milestones and offer rewards. This is when public recognition is a good idea. For the “big” praise, doing it publicly can help spur others on to the same good work.

Join in and Work

When you help is needed in your restaurant are you willing to help? Show your employees and your dishwasher that you are willing to work side by side with them. When everyone works together the bond grows stronger among the entire workplace.

Do Something Outside of Work

Improve work morale by working on team building and volunteering. Consider volunteering at a homeless shelter and serving a meal. Your staff could also collect school supplies and deliver them to local schools. Use your creativity to see what your staff would like to support. Monthly or quarterly social activities can also work to raise spirits and foster morale. The possibilities are endless.


Staff Meals

Be sure your staff is fed and happy. Workers must have a proper break and food. Staff meals can include sandwiches, protein bars, a pot of soup, or chili. Making work a pleasant experience is as important for your customers as it is for your workers.

Building a strong team contributes to the success of your business.


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