About DishwasherHero®

Washing Dishes is what we do Best!

For restaurants and caterers who need a dishwasher right away, our heroes will come to the rescue. A unique offering on the market, DishwasherHero® is the leading platform connecting restaurants with top quality and pre-screened dishwashers.

Our services. DishwasherHero® is an online platform that connects the Food businesses in North-America with qualified and freelancer dishwashers from the click of a button in as fast as 90 minutes, for both regular and emergency call outs.

Frequently Asked Questions

For dishwashers

How to Get Paid with DishwasherHero ?

Sign Up on Momenteo  https://app.momenteo.com/signup

  • Enter your email and your password
  • Enter your personal identification
  • Enter “Other” for Profession
  • Enter “Add a client” and enter “DishwasherHero” for the client’s name
  • Enter “finance@dishwasherhero.com” for the client’s email
  • Click on “Invoices” and create your first invoice
Step 1 : Preparation of your invoice
  • Put “Dishwashing Service” on “Title” and “Invoice Item
  • Click on Tax and delete TPS and TVQ (QC)
  • Click on “Save invoice
Step 2 : Design of your invoice
  • Click on “Change information” and put the company address :
    803-4 Notre-Dame St. East Montreal, QC H2Y 1B8
  • Click on “Save invoice
Step 3 : Sending your invoice
It’s done, now we have recieved your invoice.

For restaurants

Do you service only restaurants?
Most of our clients are restaurants and bars, but we also service events and caterers. Most of our partners are mid-to-high range establishments.

Are dishwashers registered on your platform employees of DishwasherHero®?
No, they are freelancers that we have vetted, and who are registered on our platforms. We make sure that only those that are reliable and experienced will be sent to our clients.

How does it work?
Easy and simple. Place an order online to book dishwashers in advance or for the same day. DishwasherHero® then finds a dishwasher close by your business to pick up the shift. The dishwasher completes the shift, and your business is billed after the hours are verified by both the dishwasher and the restaurant.

Which cities are you currently servicing? Montreal Toronto Vancouver

What are the payment methods? All order are paid with cards.

How much does it cost? Contact us to find out more about our price and packages