Do you need a dishwasher for your restaurant? Try DishwasherHero

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Your restaurant is open, but you have no dishwasher. This is a scenario that happens all the time in restaurants all over the country.
DishwasherHero is a service that connects working dishwashers to restaurants in need. Dishwashers can even be sent to work in restaurants on the same day.

How it Works

Clients can book a dishwasher(s) online. As soon as your order is placed, we send a dishwasher to your restaurant or kitchen to save the day. Once the shift is complete, hours will be verified by the dishwasher and the client.

Where we Operate

DishwasherHero dishwashers operate mainly in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. DishwasherHero also services the kitchens of many highly regarded restaurants, events, and caterers. The first of its kind, this service focuses on the backbone of the service industry—dishwashers.
“It takes a lot of work to find reliable, talented dishwashers,” said Yves a DishwasherHero manager. “We love to get to know our clients, their restaurants, and their needs in order to find dishwashers who are up to the task. We want strong relationships with our clients.”

What we Know

Dishwashers are a vital part of every restaurant’s success, and the moment a kitchen is missing their dishwasher everything stops.
“It takes a lot of work to find reliable, talented dishwashers,” says Yves a DishwasherHero manager, “that is why DishwasherHero is constantly recruiting kitchen talent. Restaurants and caterers are often too busy to recruit.” DishwasherHero understands how frustrating it can be to find reliable dishwashers.

At some point in running a restaurant you will need a dishwasher. The job of a dishwasher seems unimportant, but it isn’t. Providing dishwashers to restaurants in their hour of need is the heart of DishwasherHero. Dishwashers are the blood of this business. Their service keeps our business and the food industry alive.


dishwasher hero logoDishwasherHero is the top destination for finding emergency dishwashers for restaurantsBook your dishwasher today. We also love blogging about dishwashing and providing dishwashers with employment opportunities!

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