High Temperature or Low? Choosing the Best Dishwasher Machine Models

Selecting the best commercial dish washing machines requires that you examine a lot of factors. Choosing between the high or low temperature machines is a choice that affects time, money, and productivity 

High-temperature dishwashers cost more upfront and need more energy to work. Low temperature machines are less costly and use less energy. High temperature models clean dishes at 180° Fahrenheit for complete sanitizing and dry faster. Low temperature models need sanitizing chemicals to achieve the same cleanliness of a high temperature model. With pros and cons for both models, we will dive in to explore the best commercial dishwasher for your needs.


High-temperature models


The most important thing a dishwasher can do is clean your dishes, and the high temperature machines do that with ease. These dishwashers are able to sanitize by raising the temperature to 180°F.  

A key advantage to high heat temperature models is the efficiency at which drying can take place. High temperature models allow dishes to dry quicker. This prevents bacteria from growing from excess moisture. Wash cycles are faster for high temperature models. Faster wash cycles create a shorter wait time for clean dishes. Consequently, the time saved by an efficient dishwasher can mean a smoother kitchen service and shorter wait for patrons.  

To save on costs consider purchasing Energy Star rated machines are more efficient. Dishwashers that are Energy Star rated are on average 40 percent more energy and water efficient. There are also several cost saving measures that can implemented to keep costs low. 


Low-temperature models

Low temperature machines reach 120°F to 140°F. A chlorine-type sanitizing agent helps low temperature models sanitize dishes. Expect to save on energy costs with the low temperature model. Unlike high temperature models, dishes will also need to be air dried or wiped down before use. Shelving units are important for dishes to properly dry. Allowing your dishes to dry completely prevents humidity and bacterial growth.

Obviously, it can be hard figuring out which dishwasher is best for your restaurant. You may have to make a compromise a longer wait time or a more crowded space. Try to meets all your most urgent needs. A great dishwasher with a great equipment will improve your service and help you reach your goals.

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