Find Back of the House Dishwashers in Montreal for Your Event

DishwasherHero, formerly Plongeur Montreal, is a company dedicated to finding and recruiting top back of the house dishwasher talent. We provide quick staffing solutions to restaurants, event planners,  caterers, and kitchens. Businesses in Montreal suffering from a staffing problem can consult with our managers at DishwasherHero.

DishwasherHero works with clients in the Old Port, the Downtown area, and the Plateau to connect reliable workers to restaurants. The majority of our clients are in Downtown Montreal.

The top destination to find dishwashers is DishwasherHero. Restaurants and caterers are always looking for reliable dishwashers with experience. Some of our larger restaurants are in constant need of dishwashers, so we provide them with a daily supply of dishwashers. Additionally, the high season for dishwashers in the Montreal is May-October. Dishwashers are generally able to get around the major parts of the city by metro or bus without difficulty. The STM will connect workers to most restaurants. In emergency cases, DishwasherHero arranges the transportation for workers.

Let Us Handle Your Dishwasher Staffing

DishwasherHero relieves restaurants, kitchens, and event planners of the burden recruiting can cause. With the shortage of cooks and staff working at restaurants, dishwashers are needed more than ever to keep restaurants going strong. Moreover hiring qualified dishwashers require a great deal of effort towards recruitment.

Dishwashers are at the front lines of cleanliness. Aside from washing dishes, dishwashers must maintain a clean environment for the kitchen staff. The better the cleaning service of your dishwasher is the better your reputation. Cleanliness is of the highest priority in the restaurant industry. And we work with clients to provide unmatched trust in your service.

Back of the house staffing can be assisted by the team at DishwasherHero. Restaurants can trust DishwasherHero to have a steady flow of workers. We hire dishwashers all year long. Furthermore the flexibility of our services makes DishwasherHero the best choice for dishwashers and restaurants. Restaurants can book our services based on their need or restaurant preference. Book our dishwashers for weekends only or seasonally.

We often say in the industry that the hardest day at a restaurant is a day without a dishwasher.



Why Dishwasher Staffing ?

Dishwashers are the most indispensible members of your kitchen staff. Everything relies on the dishwasher. DishwasherHero ensures through constant recruitment that a trained dishwasher is always available. Caterers in addition to restaurants rely on our service for large events. In effect DishwasherHero focuses on dishwashers so restaurants can be their best.


Special Event, Same Day, Emergency, or Sick-Fills for Your Kitchens

Restaurants can book orders for the same day while booking managers find dishwashers to fill the shift. After, we send clients the details of the booking. DishwasherHero bills the customer once the hours are verified.

DishwasherHero Pricing

Pricing for DishwasherHero services are unique to each client. Many factors control pricing including but not limited to the city, your specific needs, and the service volume. Presently online bookings are the preferred booking method. All bookings are a minimum of 4 hours.


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DishwasherHero is the top destination for finding emergency dishwashers for restaurantsBook your dishwasher today. We also love blogging about dishwashing and providing dishwashers with employment opportunities!