Kitchen Duties of Every Working Restaurant Dishwasher

The duties of a dishwasher are indispensable to success. Dish washing includes cleaning dishes and flatware. It also involves maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen and restaurant. The team at DishwasherHero wanted to give you a quick guide for dishwasher success! Are you ready?

First, you can explore Dishwashing Techniques in this post along with a video post.

Here are the general expectations of the restaurant dishwasher:

  1. Disinfect all prep surfaces, can openers, and meat slicers.
  2. Disinfect waste disposal area to prevent pests and the spread of bacteria:
  3. Mop floors around garbage cans and wash the exterior and interior of each can.
  4. Wash dishes, sweep, and mop the kitchen area and take out the trash.
  5. Maintain a clean working area for the kitchen staff.
  6. Wipe down walls wherever there are splashes.
  7. Wash beverage dispenser heads in soda fountains

Health and safety are highly important for food preparation. Dishwashers are responsible for preventing as much contamination as possible.

Cross-contamination in the kitchen happens in three ways:

  1. Food to Food: Raw food or juices come in contact with ready-to-eat food.
  2. Equipment to Food: Raw and ready-to-eat food come in contact with equipment without cleaning in between.
  3. People to Food: Hands that have touched raw food then touch ready-to-eat food without being washed in between.

Dishwasher responsibilities fall into the Equipment to Food category discussed here.

Garbage Control

Garbage containers inside your restaurant must be easy to use. Also there must be enough available to keep them from getting overfilled. Empty containers often to prevent overfilling. Additionally, when garbage containers are full, empty them as soon as possible. Lids of garbage containers can help to prevent odors, pests and airborne contamination. Furthermore, garbage containers need be made of durable materials. High quality material ensures that the container will be able to be cleaned and sanitized after each use. Garbage containers outside your premises must keep pests out. Containers also must keep any odors or health hazards, like contaminated food, in. Lastly, be sure to clean any spills or leaks right away to maintain proper health codes. Do not forget to wash your hands after handling trash.

Kitchen Safety Measures

Prevent Slip and Falls

  1. Clean up spills immediately and remove any obstacles or wet spots on the floor.
  2. Post Wet-Floor Signage for staff and customers after mopping.
  3. Wear slip-resistant shoes to minimize injuries from slipping on floors.

Handle Hazardous Chemicals with Care Read

Staff should be familiar with Material Safety Data Sheets. They must also use any protective gear available. Do not mix chemicals without knowing the proper dilutions and reactions.

Prepare for Emergencies

Know the emergency exists and the locations of the fire extinguisher. Moreover ask for the action plan for accidents, natural disasters, and other emergencies.

Employee Hygiene for the Kitchen

Wash Hands Frequently

Wash hands with warm soapy water before and after handling food, utensils, and equipment. Make sure hand-sinks are properly installed in all food preparation areas. This minimizes the transfer of harmful bacteria.

Wear a Proper Uniform

Uniform standards are important to safety. In addition to slip-resistant shoes, hairnets, plastic gloves, and aprons contribute to safety. These items prevent hair and germs from contaminating food and drinks.

Lastly, preventing injuries is very important for working. Utilize this post to learn how to work during your shifts to maximize efficiency and decrease injury. Also an expanded article on hygiene is here.

Thanks again to the Food Safety Guide: A Guide for Ontario’s Foodhandlers for the source information on hygiene, dish washing techniques, and more.


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